My duty is to ensure Governor-Students relationship – Comr. O.O Daniel.

We maintain violent-free campuses. The Technical Adviser to Ebonyi State governor on students’ affairs, Comr. O.O Daniel, has reiterated tha

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Com O.O Daniel

  • We maintain violent-free campuses.

The Technical Adviser to Ebonyi State governor on students’ affairs, Comr. O.O Daniel, has reiterated that his office is working hand in gloves with the office of the Special Assistant to the Governor on Students’ Affairs to ensure that the Governor-Student relationship is maintained and to advice the governor technically on students’ affairs.

In a media session with The Starnews reporters, He revealed that the objective of his office, among other things, is to ensure peaceful and violent-free campuses in the state.

He further disclosed that these offices have, as their main objectives, the responsibility of organizing programs that will benefit the students, both in life and in career choice. He said the strides they have taken to include Secondary School students by instituting the Rachael Umahi Teens Club, which is basically designed to raise students’ awareness as to what they really want in life and how they should actually channel their interests to achieve the desired result.

The position of Family Succor Ambassador which is more like the higher version of Teens Club is meant for the undergraduates who are trained to be Family Succor Ambassadors. “They have been trained in this area, so they take Female Gender Mutilation and career choices to the Secondary Schools”. Comr. Daniel added.

He talked about The Female Gender Mutilation Programs anchored by Her Excellency to sensitize the female folks on the dangers of female genital mutilations and more than 300 undergraduates in Ebonyi State University have been mobilized to take the campaign down to the Secondary Schools in Ebonyi State. He further stated that some mothers in the villages have been mutilated already. “Enlightening young ladies about the dangers of female gender mutilation will save their generations as well as the generations to come.” He said.

As a onetime SUG President of Ebonyi State University, Comrade Daniel said he knows what most students pass through. He further brought to light that students have always been killed by motorists and they have protested severally, to which the previous administrations have ignored. To this end, he stated that the overhead bridge at the permanent site of Ebonyi State University and that of the Presco Campus were measures taken by the State Government under Gov. Dave Umahi to protect and preserve the lives of students even without them demanding for it, and that has been serving its purpose.

Furthermore, Comr. O.O Daniel maintained that the present administration of Governor Umahi has achieved the reduction of school fees by ten thousand naira (N10,000) both for indigenes and non-indigenes. This implies that the governor spends over 200 million for the students each semester. He further stated that the condition given by the governor is that the students should maintain a violence-free campus. In his words, he said “It is our duty now to come up with implementable plans towards ensuring that these campuses remain violent-free.”

Comr. O.O Daniel talked about the Akubaraoha Student Mental Adjustment Program (ASMAL) consisting of 10 sub-programs which is aimed at keeping the students busy during their extra-curricular time. He saw this as a means of giving back to the society as they spread the good news to the rural areas. He also made mention of the Akubaraoha quiz, debate and arithmetic championship which is ongoing, whereby students showcase their prowess in various academic fields and also debate on societal issues.

Akubaraoha mentorship program was also set up to mentor students on how to be self reliant and also the need to have a mentor. He also talked about the government providing lands and farm machinery for students who are into agriculture. The government will provide the seedlings and after harvest, the student is expected to return the basic input and take the profit. They also formed cooperatives which are expected to take care of the loss, if it arises in any case. This, automatically, implies that the students have nothing to lose if they venture into this field.

In the same vein, he talked about the Alternative to Cultism program that was designed to rehabilitate converted cultists. Comrade O.O Daniel is of the opinion that characters are easily replaced than removed. He suggests that giving students alternatives will divert their attentions from cultism and this is being achieved through the two-end program.

The two-end program is designed to give incoming students orientation on signs of cultists and cultism because most of them associate with and join cultism unknowingly. The outgoing ones, because they have lost the privilege of collecting money from their parents, tend to think of ways to make ends meet. Most of the outgoing students would seek for ways to make money and that might lead them into stealing. In the light of these, this program integrates them to the labour market so that they will have an idea of what to face and as well brace themselves for it.

Comrade Daniel also made mention of the Student Trust Fund which he started in order to help out indigenous students who could not afford to pay their school fees. On his assumption of office, he set aside some percentage of his salary on a monthly basis to fund the trust fund in order to help the poor students especially, if they are intelligent or physically challenged.

On a final note, he talked about the Akubaraoha Students’ Week where students in each campus engage in football competition, which at the end, the best faculty will advance to the Akubaraoha Champions League so that every faculty or department will be represented. He further stated that it is an annual campaign by the Umahi-led administration.

Comrade O. O. Daniel also, reliably, informed Starnews that the governor has negotiated with INEC to place registration centers in all the campuses to aid students to register for the upcoming election. He insisted that Governor David Nweze Umahi is someone who strongly believes that the youths are leaders of today, which is why he actively engaged youths in his government to explore their youthful talents.

When asked by Starnews whether the beneficiaries of these programs are only those in Umahi’s government, he responded by pointing out that there is no criterion as it is voluntary and open to all.

He advised those who are lovers of good things to support the work of His Excellency in bringing good roads, infrastructure and other social amenities into Ebonyi State and to ensure he continues his good works come 2019 because “the reward for good work is more work”, he concluded.


By Aanuoluwapo Akindoyin and Augustine Onwuzuruike