Election is vote not fight – Comrade Adibe

The Chairman inter-party advisory council Ebonyi State Chapter Comrade Adibe Nwafor Jennifer has addressed the youth on pre and pros election viol

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The Chairman inter-party advisory council Ebonyi State Chapter Comrade Adibe Nwafor Jennifer has addressed the youth on pre and pros election violence by informing them that election is vote and not fight.

“With the recent meeting we had with INEC on free, fair and credible election, we promised them that we will take it to the masses just like we’ve been to some villages and Local Government Areas to address them on the need to vote and not to fight, because you will see some youth fighting over one politician or the other, so we educate them by telling them that it is vote and not fight. Within the month we will be having a programme at FUNAI (Federal University Ndufa-Aleke Ikwo) where we will be addressing the youths on free, fair and credible election, so we have started going to some places to talk to the people on how to organize themselves for the upcoming election. By 18th November 2018, presidential campaign and national assembly will be flagging off the campaign and by December, gubernatorial and the house of assembly will also be flagging off. So it is also good we address the masses on how to conduct themselves during  and after the campaign.”

Speaking on the main aim of establishing IPAC, she said; “Just like the name sounds, Inter-Party Advisory Council is a council that comprises all the political parties in Nigeria. We have it at the National and State level, so the one seen here is Ebonyi  state chapter of  IPAC.

The main aim is to bring the whole political party together despite being opposition, one of us might be the governor tomorrow and the rest opposition and the good thing is to also advice the government constructively on what is vital to the state.

We also help to advice all the members to be none violent instead to be instrumental to the progress and interest of the state.”

She further stated that the coming together of the different political party does not in any way affect the masses.

Speaking on her double appointment, she disclosed to The Starnews crew that both positions are focusing on IPAC which makes her work more easier.

Mrs Adibe Nwafor  said that her work would have been a difficult one had both appointments been on different offices but seeing that she is working for a group that she has been part of, it is an opportunity for her to be giving them some advises  based on the resolutions of IPAC  and then what should be done to make sure that everyone is carried along.

The new IPAC  chairman who was in disagreement with the present look of IPAC office said “I have so many plans which includes changing the face of the IPAC  office, cause everywhere is looking so unkept so the first assignment is to give it a face lift which in few weeks, you will start seeing the new  face of IPAC and then to also flag off  the secretariat being that  IPAC comprises of different political parties, the flags of the different parties is supposed to be flying in IPAC  office so that the place will look like  a secretariat its meant to be and then this will be followed by other programmes.”

She advice the citizens that election is not fight and they should also try to conduct themselves in the way that is respectable to the observers. Then the  contestants should not give weapons to people and they should also know that this is election and not fight because, if you are not there tomorrow, you will be there next time and be able to accept defeat if any, and move ahead.