Hon Deacon Joseph Ununu, Chairman Abakaliki Rice Mill, Owners Association Ebonyi State, in a chat with The StarNews shed light on why he decided t

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Hon Deacon Joseph Ununu, Chairman Abakaliki Rice Mill, Owners Association Ebonyi State, in a chat with The StarNews shed light on why he decided to contest for the State house of assembly

 Ebonyi State Rice Mill Chairman Hon. Deacon Joseph Ununu who said that It is his humble plan and vision to come out and contest for house of assembly, as it concerns Abakaliki South Constituency in Ebonyi State house of assembly. He stated that part of the reasons why he has decided to contest in the upcoming election  includes:

An agenda to come out and help our dear Governor, Engr. David Umahi for the good works he is doing for our dear state and to make laws that will equally be favorable to our electorates.

And as a legislator, it is not only to do legislative works alone but to make sure that things go well in all areas.

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I can see the empowerment that our dear governor is doing, it is not only the duty of the executive arm to provide empowerment, the legislature equally need to provide empowerment and at the same time, I see some legislators forget how they emerged when they get there. When they are given a constituency allowance to carry out some project, many divert the money meant for their constituency into acquiring different types of properties while others will start building hotels, building mansions, which is not wise.

Some of the legislators know that they are there because God wants them to be there so that they can help others. But because they are there on the representative capacity, when all the money they make there come to them, they spend it alone (it has already been said that it is not good for one to eat alone because if you eat alone, you will dine alone). Some of the legislators today are coming to say, my people vote me for second tenure, some are even there for second tenure but they are crying for third tenure while they cannot boost of one thing they have done for the constituency, more especially when they see students that are crying for help, they overlook them without helping them out.

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There is no more scholarship and I don’t know why. Note that it is not only the executive that will do all this things alone. At least, a legislature is meant to do some.  When you do that, you have done well as a legislator and not by going there to embezzle money to drive big cars, build houses, hotels and filling stations, while people are crying of hunger. There are people from constituencies who are being sent out  from school, some have dropped out because they don’t have money to pay for their school fees, some legislatures over look these things, which is not good.

That is why I always beat my chest and say “having seen a man and a governor who is doing what the people are happy about and are clapping hands for him, and having served as the rice mill chairman, I have learnt many things from our governor who is a Grand Master“. From what he is doing, I was pushed and moved to come out with boldness to say that I want to run an election. I will be a very good

instrument and a supporter for the development of this state and show a legacy in my constituency and in Ebonyi state as a whole and also in Nigeria so that they will equally see that what the executive will do, the legislature can also do that

I have not encountered any challenges yet, but I know that leadership is all about interest, by now we are still at consultation stage, we have been able to reach all the leaders of the party, leaders of various communities and various wards, that make up my constituency. I have consulted them and I have told them my interest and reason I want them to vote for me he said.


However, we are still waiting for parties to lift ban and immediately the party lifts the ban for us to campaign, I will beat my chest as I move on to campaign and to tell my people, because my people know me very well and they know what am up to, and I will make sure that victory is assured. I will not mess myself as other legislators use to do because I know what I will do and I will do it very well, then my people will clap hands for me, because am going to assure them that any money meant for constituency project will be used for the purpose it is meant for, I will not touch a pin from it.

He added that he will set up a committee that will be handling constituency project and monitor it to ensure that the money is spent for that purpose, and the little one I will be paid as my salary and my allowances, I won’t spend it alone because that money is not meant for me alone.

If my constituency doesn’t vote for me, I won’t be there. I will like to use 10% of my salary and allowance to help the less privileged, the down trodden, the widowers etc because when you do all these things, God will record it for you.

I have a purpose and plan for going there, not because of the money, but because I’m a pure business man and God has blessed me with the little business am doing. This is my 22nd year in this rice business, I have never regretted, I can solve my family problems, help people that am supposed to help and am assuring my constituency that whenever am voted to be there, I will be accessible. If you don’t see me in the office, you can see me in my house; meet me on the road, because am going to run an open door policy for everyone so that they will enjoy the benefit of choosing me as their leader.

He advised the youths who are looking unto him as a role model to just be happy with the success of people around them, be it your family members, friends, outsiders, celebrate with them and don’t envy their success because God will not be happy with you. And anything you know you can do for your fellow human being, please endeavor to do it at the right time. Don’t do to others anything you know that in reverse will hurt you.

Be a peace loving person and moreover make sure you take God first, because anything you do with God, you will never have any problem or be a failure in it, because God has the final say. He is the only one that makes up a leader and if your leadership is not from God, better leave it and avoid charms (juju) in other to acquire any position because it will definitely fail you.  Concentrate on God just like our dear governor that we know his leadership is from God and that’s why you see developments everywhere. He reaches out to both the poor and the rich.

Be of a good behavior and take God first in everything you do.

By Queendaline Ani and Jovita Ugwu