Hon. Mrs Franca Okpo tested and trusted

The primary aim of House of Assembly Member is to promote efficiency, transparency and due process in the running of the affairs of the State. Mem

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The primary aim of House of Assembly Member is to promote efficiency, transparency and due process in the running of the affairs of the State. Members are elected to represent the specific interests of their constituents but are also representatives of the their local government and must consider their needs as a whole. Whatever their political outlook, and regardless of which side of the Assembly they sit on, members’ duties and obligations are considerable.

We can arguably say that Hon. Mrs. Franca Okpo representing Abakaliki North constituency of Ebonyi State House of Assembly is the best Honourable member.

Hon. Franca who has been in government from 2003 to 2006 as the secretary of the state, the pioneer coordinator Abakaliki DC 2007 to 2013 and House of Assembly Member from 2015 till date have recorded no failure in all her endeavors.

Hon. Franca who is also the Chairman of women committee also encouraged women to join more in politics.

She said “Personally the way I encourage them is to use myself as an example. If you are a politician or an intending politician, feel free to work with the male counterparts for they are not masquerades and are humans like us. Only that when you are in politics you should respect yourself so that people will equally respect you. So we live by example and are continuously showing that to the women in Ebonyi State.

She also stated that Ebonyi State have empowered women more than any other state in Nigeria.

She said. “If you look at the local government, almost all the vice chairmen of the 13 local governments are women, almost all the 13 local governments secretaries are women in Ebonyi State. If you talk of TA’s and STA’s women are in greater number, if you talk of the executive cadre, the commissioners, you  will see that women are more than it has been in other administrations.

She continued. “You would agree with me that in Nigeria the women are agitating for 35% affirmative action in Politics and Nigeria system, but in Ebonyi State we the women have enjoyed more than that 35%. The only thing personally I am praying for is that the women should still come out for elective positions because in the house of assembly Ebonyi state we are 24 in number and only three are women and when you do the calculation it’s not up to 35% for women in the house of assembly.

Furthermore, in the federal house we don’t have any woman representative from Ebonyi state of which we used to have about one representative or so but as at this current day we don’t have any, so we pray that women should come out and participate in elective positions in the state.

Hon. Franca talking about her achievements said “I have brought 500KVA transformer to my people, who have been in the darkness in their life history.

I constructed 17 boreholes across the 7 wards in my constituency, and 2 is currently being constructed.

I was also a part of the committee that made the new law; Violence against People (VAP) that was sponsored by her Excellency Chief Mrs. Rachael Umahi. Violence against people (VAP) is a law that prohibit genital mutilation against a woman, maltreating a man or a man maltreating a woman, its a law that concerns adults, children, teenagers and among others. The law simply implies that everyone should be a respecter of each other.

I distribute fertilizers to farmers every farming season since I assumed office to help in their productions.

I am sponsoring about 7 indigenous students in schools financially and otherwise.

I sponsor football competition in my constituency every year to engage the youths

Hon. Franca who promised to continuously represent his constituency effectively and believes that continuity will bring about more developments. And urge her people to give her another chance to create more innovation to enhance the people’s ways of life.

Vote for good governance, accountability, credibility, equity, transparency, unity, development and youth empowerment.