Governor “David Umahi” Funds Rural Development Projects through Autonomous Community Leaders with #10,000,000 each

Ebonyi State Governor, Engr. Dave Umahi on Tuesday during the democracy day celebration held at the Pa Ngele Orunta township stadium, Abakaliki, has a

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Ebonyi State Governor, Engr. Dave Umahi on Tuesday during the democracy day celebration held at the Pa Ngele Orunta township stadium, Abakaliki, has awarded then million naira each (N10,000,000) to autonomous communities for community development.

Engr. Dave Umahi greeting the traditional Rulers

He awarded N10m to each autonomous community for a specific community project that would be carried out in their community to further boost development from the communities and rural areas round the state.

Engr. Dave Umahi awarded #10,000,000 each to 140 autonomous communities in Ebonyi state for each community to develop a particular project in its community.

One of the beneficiary representative Chief Emeka Gabriel Ani, also the President of Anyioma Automonous Community, in a statement with The Starnews commended the governor, “The governor is now going deep into the rural areas, he wants to develop the rural areas by saying each autonomous communities should propose a project of #10,000,000 and if this happens it means that development have gone down to the rural areas.”

Chief Emeka Gabriel Ani in an Interview with The Star News

He outlined that he will invest his money in a profitable business that will employ youths in his community.

He said, “I will build a fish pond which would create employment for at least 21 persons and then generate 19 million Naira profit a year. If I put the money in such investment it would create employment because the problem of Nigeria now is unemployment and this would reduce unemployment in my community.”

“The money has not come yet, though I have made proposal and it is this proposal that would determine what the money will be used for. It was based on this proposal that this money was approved, so when the money comes, we would start the project. The cheque was  just given to us, so when we cash it, we will start the work immediately.” He said

He added, “We have a five-man implementing committee headed by the Eze which is the traditional ruler of each autonomous community. So this implementation community would ensure that this money is put exactly where the proposal was made.”

“The governor has done a lot from what he has enumerated today, and I don’t think that any sane human being would say that this governor has not performed. Even if you don’t like him as a person, you should like his works and like what he is doing.” He said

“So my final words to Ebonyians is to give this kind of man another chance to come and do more, because for him to have done this within 3 years, then he should do more, so we should give him the chance to come and do more and help transform this state and make it No 1 state in Nigeria.”  He said.

Pictures of some of the beneficiaries.

Listen to the Interview below(Audio);

interview with Chief Emeka

By Obikansi Andre, Osuji Juliet