2019: We’ll bring Government to the Grass root level – GDPN Party Chairman 

In the heat of political awareness and sensitization coming up with speed in the country today, The Grass Root Development Party Of Nigeria, (GDPN) ma

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In the heat of political awareness and sensitization coming up with speed in the country today, The Grass Root Development Party Of Nigeria, (GDPN) major aim as a political party is to bring good governance and development to the grass root level all over the country. The party chairman Ebonyi State Chapter Comrade Edeh Paschal disclosed this to the Starnews.

Comrade Edeh Paschal

He highlighted that the ideology of GDPN as a party is better than any other party he has worked with in the past. therefore the party objective to change Nigeria into a better place is through free education and medical care and many others especially at the rural areas if given the chance to go into power. According to Com. Edeh, the party is producing a presidential candidate of unquestionable reputation with great leadership qualities.

May we know you sir?

My name is Edeh Paschal Miracle from Ishielu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, precisely; Nkalaha ward in Ebonyi State.

What Profile do you hold?

With God infinite mercy, I am currently the Ebonyi state party chairman of Grass Root Development Party of Nigeria, GDPN.

What is this GDPN?

GDPN is a political party registered in Nigeria. They are in the 36 states of Nigeria, including Abuja. It is registered under the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC and it is operating in the same way other political parties are operating in Nigeria.

Is this party registered and recognized by IPAC?

Yes, we brought in this party here but we are yet to register with the Inter Party Adversary Council, IPAC, you know all these things have processes, this party was registered on January 2018 but because of the kind of National and publicity chairmen we have, they are able to run more than some other great parties that have been in existence. But the registration with IPAC will surely be done soonest.

What are the dreams and aspiration of the party in the nation?

Well, they are enormous and attractive, we have a very good presidential aspirant that have whatever it takes to rule this country, a candidate that will put smiles in the faces of Nigerians; his intentions is to change Nigeria into a better place where people will be having free medical care, free educational facilities at their beck and call, good roads and not ones filled with pot holes, and lots. Here in Ebonyi State we are also interested irrespective of the good works done by the Executive Governor of Ebonyi State, His Excellency Engr. David Umahi, but I’m telling you our aspirant will do better.

Does the party have an aspirant in the state already?

Of course we have but it is still an in-house activity which will soon be exploded into the air.

Were you once a member of other parties?


Having experienced other parties and now a State Party chairman of GDPN, how do you hope to enhance the influence of this party?

First of all, if you know you want to have a good food you must hire a good chef. What am I trying to say? The kind of experience and the ideology or manifestos of other parties which I have involved myself before are very good but our own manifesto is better in a higher ranking. Some of the things that are in our manifesto help in answering various questions, for instance, if you go to villages now, many youths in their villages try to do everything possible to come to the urban places, because the villages are not being taken care of, but assuming the privilege is given us, the first place we will do our massive work is in the rural area, just as we implies “the grass root development party of Nigeria”. It is the grass root that do all these things seen in the urban places but after everything they will not be recognized. So therefore we will put the rural areas in a very good form, give them industry, give them good health, give them the necessary things, there you will notice that the clustering of people seen in the city like Lagos will be tremendously reduced, because what you will be seeking for in that place is also in your place, so why go there? Except in the case of tourism.

Talking about your party coming into the system now, do you have any strategy to unseat the incumbent authorities both in the state and federal level?

Yes. I would have love to answer this question to an extent but for some people who do not know the techniques of playing the game, there are certain things I will say here they might copy to work with, so because of that reason I will not disclose them here.

Does it mean that you don’t have political ideology in your political party?

Why not?

Why then holding back the strategies of the party?

If I begin to express the ideology of the party which we have, I am also invariably giving someone expos which they will use to work against us but nevertheless I think my party’s name has answered the question. It is all about the people in the rural areas.

What do you have to say about this notion that peoples’ vote don’t count, how does your party intend to correct this abnormity?

As the state chairman, I do not agree with such notion and that is why I said that it depends on the information you give the people, orientation matters. If truly it’s something they should do the way they want, I don’t think President Buhari would be at the place he is now because Jonathan was there as a sitting president, had every Arsenals to make himself comfortable and to come back to power but could not, therefore it is what the people  are saying in the pooling unit that will happen, that is the more reason why it was easy for him to be there.

It will marvel you when we start our campaign, when we begin to move around, you will see the crowd that will follow us because of the kind of information we give them; we believe they are the people who have power, their vote is their future, once you cast your vote wrongly the future will be very wrong for you, As the party chairman, I cannot be here and be there at the same time, if the voting begins now, people in different wards will be voting and I cannot be everywhere at a time; therefore I want to put it across to Nigerians that it is only the electorate that have the power to dictate who rules them.

What grassroots program has your party embarked on so far?

In our national level, we have what we call town hall meetings which is an avenue for youths to express their feelings on what they want. Personally I have a lot of grass root work for example, for West African Examination Council WAEC candidates, I have a set of teachers that I mobilize to go to school to take students on free lessons, there are other projects like constructing boreholes,  in fact they are too numerous.

What can you say to the public in other to convince them that GDPN is the right party considering we have others parties?

I don’t need to tell them much, they have tested those political parties and they couldn’t give them what they want, but despite ours not yet in power, we have done marvelous things that many eyes have seen and testified.

In Nigeria, there is this ideology that election is generally rigged, what is your opinion considering what happened in Ekiti state election?

The best people to answer that question are the INEC. If election should be rigged, it is because you didn’t give the people the right information to handle themselves. INEC is just a 4 alphabets written on a paper, it is the people who are in INEC that motivates the activities of INEC and it is these people or electorates that can rig election, but for what has happened in Ekiti state as you have given that as an instance, I was not there when the election was being conducted because if I tell you that the election was rigged I have to come with facts about it but from the results published by INEC you will know whether it was rigged or not, but what we saw is that All Progressive Congress, APC won.

Has your presidential candidate “Isibor” played any major political role before?

No he hasn’t but i don’t think for now that those people who are aspiring for the same political position with him have the same or even close qualities like him. Firstly, he has not been in any political position that would have labeled him corrupt or anything of kind right from his young age. He is an ex-soldier with uncountable qualities, he can speak Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba and Benue, his wife is from Benue state and he is from Edo state. The kind of criteria he has is more than A-Z, if we have another alphabet to add, I would have added it in his own profile.

How do the party finance her programs and projects in order to stand firm as a political party in the nation.

I believe if we had financial support from the Government we will do better. For now, the things you see us doing in our party are basically done by us individually as a family just to perfect our work.

What do you have to tell Nigerians about your party now that you have landed in the national and state level?

The most important thing that gives me joy about my party is the name. We know what it takes to be on floor, we know what it takes to be in the remote areas, because of that my party has analyzed unlike other political parties that the best thing they have to do is to ensure that the people in the grass root are comfortable; for everything you see coming out into the town, majority of the raw materials are from the rural areas, we know what they are passing through. We are going to make the voters to see that their rights are not denied if they vote GDPN; it is the best option in the nation now.

I also need to encourage every Nigerian to hold onto their voters cards for it is what gives us power to decide the leader of our choice.

The abnormalities we have today is the reason I am telling you that the best thing that will happen to this country is to give GDPN the privilege to handle her affairs which can only be done by the Nigerians’ votes, for they will be special checkings on all the establishments to ensure all the assigned projects are taken care of, we are grass roots, we don’t live in the urban area, we know what it takes to live in the village.