al Qaeda bomb-maker arrested near Parliament.

al Qaeda bomb-maker arrested near Parliament.

Khalid Mohammed Omar Ali, 28, was bundled to the ground by at least six anti-terror cops moments before he could carry out a mass casualty attack with

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Khalid Mohammed Omar Ali, 28, was bundled to the ground by at least six anti-terror cops moments before he could carry out a mass casualty attack with kitchen knives, a jury at the Old Bailey was told. Three knives, two in his jacket and another in his underwear, were seized by police near the Houses of Parliament in April last year, four weeks after Khalid Masood brought carnage to Westminster. The jury watched video footage from body worn police cameras of the arrest and heard officers joked while searching and removing the three kitchen blades.

An officer asked him if he had anything on him that would cause harm, and the defendant replied: ‘You’ll see.’ Alison Morgan, prosecuting, said: ‘During a search of the defendant clothing was removed from him and officers noticed a small cut to the front of the defendant’s underwear in the area where the larger of the three knives had been removed. ‘Later that day police conducted a search at the family home in Edmonton where three knife boxes and a sharper were discovered.’

In a footage, officers were seen to rush from a vehicle shouting ‘Move out the way! Move out the way!’ before screaming at Ali ‘Get on the floor! Get on the floor!’ and bundling the alleged terrorist to the ground.

His hands were cuffed behind his back as armed police searched him and found three knives. After the largest knife was found, an officer said ‘he’s racking them up today’ before Ali was escorted by two other officers across the street to a waiting vehicle.

Terror cops later raided Ali’s home and found other knives as well as a sharpener purchased from High Street chain Wilkinson. Ali also told police a nuclear explosion was ‘nothing compared to what’s coming,’ the Old Bailey was told. In interviews he told police: ‘It’s okay for you to kill Muslims but you don’t expect it the other way round.’

In 2011 he travelled to Afghanistan and joined the Taliban as a bomb maker and left fingerprints on explosive components. He claimed to have made more than 300 bombs during his time there. Ali’s mother had called 999 the evening before the thwarted attack after finding four knives lying on the floor by his bed.

He claimed he was carrying the knives for protection and that ‘the fact that the British Government are committing atrocities around the world especially against Muslims. ‘I have to defend my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters,’ he added. ‘Look, let me make it clear if I had any intention to attack I could have attacked six months ago when I came back here, it could have easily been done.’ Ali was repeatedly offered legal representation during interviews but said: ‘I don’t need anyone to represent me because I will be telling the truth.’ Ali said: ‘There is a lot that is out there that you guys don’t know about.’ ‘In order to get this message across I came back in person. To let you know, those who are running the country, to give them that message. ‘Leave the Muslim lands, just leave them.’

While in custody, Ali’s clothes were taken away and he was found to have a small cut in the front of his underwear where the largest of the three knives was found, jurors heard. Ali allegedly armed himself that day to deliver a ‘message’ to British decision-makers. He carried out ‘hostile reconnaissance’ around Downing Street, New Scotland Yard, the Ministry of Defence, the MI6 building and the Cenotaph on March 18 and April 22 last year, the court has heard.

The prosecution alleges Ali was targeting MPs, police and members of the armed forces. Ali, a plumber from Edmonton, north London, denies two charges of possessing explosives with intent abroad in 2012 and one charge of preparing terrorist acts in Britain. He also denies three counts of terrorism.

The trial continues.